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About Me

Since my childhood, astronomy and space travel have been one of my greatest interests. I dreamed of exploring the universe with my own telescope and being able to image distant galaxies, stars and planets. I often wondered if we are all alone here on Earth or could there be life elsewhere? The thought has always fascinated me.


One summer evening I cycled past Langelinie in Copenhagen close to The Little Mermaid, there were 3 hobby astronomers with their telescopes aimed at the planets Jupiter and Saturn, I was allowed to take a look and thought “wow”! I could clearly see Jupiter with its largest moons and Saturn with its distinctive rings.

 I decided, now was the time for me to own a telescope. In 2021, I bought my first real telescope and a used camera, now I was up and running. Since then, I have learned an incredible amount about astrophotography, but I still consider myself as a beginner to this hobby.

There are a great number of skillful and competent people out there, who really master the art of astrophotography. I have watched many YouTube videos and read a bunch of articles related to this subject and without this help from these enthusiasts, I would never have come this far.

I have no intention to cover the theory behind astrophotography, as mentioned there are already a great deal of good articles and videos on the internet who covers all these aspects in great detail.


My intention is to show how I do my astrophotography by following a certain flow and by using the equipment that meets my expectation to deliver some decent images. No one wants to spend money on the wrong equipment that will never deliver the expected result.


My way of doing this hobby is just one way of doing it, there are other techniques, better and more expensive equipment that will do the task.

My image collection are different in quality, I started out wanting to photograph as many night sky objects as I possible could in a single night. This gave me a lot of images but with few exposures on each object and therefor a poor quality in the end. Now I only plan to capture a single target in a hole night with many or long exposures, this has definitely improved the overall quality in my images.

There are certainly much learning by doing in this hobby and many long cold nights but when the setup is working and the weather is clear it is always rewarding and satisfactory to capture a good image:)

In addition to my interest in photographing the night sky, flying has also always fascinated me. I am a trained aircraft technician and commercial pilot but have worked with IT for many years. 

My Flying homepage ( Work in progress, expect finalizing may 2024)


Feel free to contact Me:

Astronomy geek ready to explore the night sky

The headlamp is turned on i am ready to explore the night sky above the city :)  Copenhagen 2022

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