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What a weekend........

Almost three months has passed with terrible weather in Copenhagen, but then at last, clear skies and calm wind:-) I managed to "shoot" the Moon, venus, M81/M82, M101, NGC 3628 and the pretty far out galaxy "IC 1101", 1.15 billion light-years from Earth. I am happy but I think i can do a little better next time:))

Looks like cheese

Venus above Copenhagen february the 26th.

Hamburger galaxy NGC 3628, 35 million light-years away

Cigar Galaxy/M82

the long spiral arms of M101 pinwheel galaxy, 21 Mly away.

M81 located in Ursa Major, also known as Bode's Galaxy, 12 million light-years from Earth.

Large craters on the moon.

The dim spot in the center of the photo is IC 1101, it's the largest known galaxy in the universe, 3 million light years in radius and distance to Earth is 1.045 billion light years! my deep-field record:).......


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